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Cyprus Authentics

Traditional Meat

Loukanika (village sausages), Lountza, Hiromeri, Posirti-bacon, Zalatina, Apokti, Tsamarella the Cyprus Traditional Meats.

Phiniotika Loukoumia

The art of making Loukoumi was introduced to the village by Philaktis Pelavakis who returned from Egypt (where he had worked as a confectioner) to his home place around the 1930s.  During the same period another man returned to his home village bringing along the art of loukoumi making, taught to him from a Turkish Cypriot.

Soujoukos & Palouzes

In older times, traditional sweets were made from the boiled thick grape juice which apart from honey was the only other available sweetener. Such sweet grape products were especially made in village clusters that produced grapes in abundance.

Spoon Sweets

A traditional and delightful Greek Cypriot custom is the offering of spoon sweets to guests as a symbol of hospitality. They are called spoon sweets because the usual serving size is a well-filled teaspoon. Spoon sweets are popular both in Cyprus and in Greece, usually served with Greek coffee and a glass of cold water.

Loukoumia Yeroskipou

Just east of Paphos and nearby the mythical ‘Petra tou Romiou’ lies the village of Yeroskipos, a place with a history that dates back to ancient times.  Historical evidence suggests that its name is derived from the Greek words ‘Ieros Kipos’ meaning sacred or holy garden.


Halloumi, fresh or mature, has always been the flagship of Cyprus’ authentic cuisine. For centuries, this product is a key constituent of the Cypriot diet and has been closely associated with the culture and traditions of the local people.


Trachanas is a food directly related to the Cypriot culture and rural life. Trachanas is a true national dish such that no visitor should have been left without tasting this authentic soup of Cyprus, made only with a few simple natural ingredients, exactly as it was made decades ago by our great grandmothers.

Authentic Recipes

Trachanas Soup - Soup with Crushed Wheat Cooked in Sour Milk

Spaghetti with courgette, carrots & Halloumi cheese

Magiritsa (Eastern Soup)

Halloumi Omelete with Red Onion and Herbs

Ravioles with Halloumi Stuffing

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