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Olive Oil Processing in Cyprus, from the Bronze age to the Byzantine period

Sophocles Hadjisavvas

Food & Drinks Reviews

Cypriots trace their gastronomic heritage to their long, turbulent history and to the geographic position of the island in the East Mediterranean acting as the hub between three continents. The local gastronomy has been influenced over the years by factors such as:

  • the deep rooted Greek civilization and culture with the dominance of the Greek diet and the concept of taverna and meze
  • the many foreign rulers (Lusignians, Arabs, Ottomans) who brought along their own food habits which were gradually adopted as local
  • the favorable climate allowing the production of natural food ingredients
  • the long history of the island in grape and wine production.

These factors have played their role in shaping the traditional Cypriot food and drink diet along with its unique products. The businesses associated with such food and drink products testify to the unique abilities of Cypriots to exploit the gifts of their land and to create healthy and tasty products.


Today, there exists a widespread acceptance that products from the Mediterranean countries represent an excellent choice in gourmet needs. Even more important, is the general consensus among health professionals that Mediterranean nutrition and especially the Greek diet is the healthier of the world. The products of Cyprus represent exactly this diet, bridging and bringing together taste and health. Nothing is better!


A recent edition of the Journal of American Medical Association notes the health giving praises of the Mediterranean-style diet in two separate studies, which show that following closely such a diet improves healthy longevity and prevents the development of metabolic syndrome (a condition characterized by obesity and high blood pressure).


For centuries, Cypriots have lived on and enjoyed their version of Mediterranean diet. Today in a world of even more uniform tastes and a gradual shift to Western style food habits, the effort to retain customary loyalty to distinctive local food and wines, becomes a hard one indeed. A growing number of Cyprus’ authentic food products are due for getting official protection under European Union regulations for PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).On the one hand, a new direction away from globalization of dietary habits should be taken by consumers. On the other hand, local producers need to dedicate themselves to delivering top quality products, using genuine raw materials, innovative packaging and a diversified range of product recipes and packaging options that will suit today’s market needs.

Authentic Recipes

Carob Cake

Halloumi Cheese Omellete

Grilled Halloumi Sandwich in Pita Bread

Griddled Halloumi Cheese with Beef Tomato

Trachanas Soup - Soup with Crushed Wheat Cooked in Sour Milk

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