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Contact Details:

P.O.Box 63001,

8210  Geroskipou, Paphos

Tel: +357 26967967

Fax: +357 26913669

Contact: Mr George Gavriel, Manager



Company Profile

The story of Aphrodite Delights began in 1895, when Sophocles Athanasiou returned to his home village of Yeroskipos in Cyprus after many years of travelling and living overseas. He established the Cyprus Delights Industry and his 'loukoumia' soon became a local favourite. In 1964, the company was passed on to Gabriel's son, Nikodemos Gabriel who had many new ideas for the modernisation of the traditionally small factory. He and his wife Evdokia successfully managed to make Aphrodite Delights known all over the world and were soon exporting to the far reaches of the globe.


Over the past hundred years, Yeroskipou has become associated with the sweet product and the same recipe is still being used by the 4th generation of the family-owned and operated company who continue to produce the traditional confectionary in the very same location that was used by Sophocles.


A newly built modern factory has been in operation since the beginning of 2007, located in close proximity to the original premises, in the Yeroskipos village.  Production capacity is due to expand and quality controls are becoming even more strict in order to achieve the highest consistency in supply volumes and quality.


Four generations later, Aphrodite Delights is today managed by the great grandson of Mr Sophocles, George Gabriel, who is providing the company with the necessary leadership that will enable it to continue its successful tradition for many generations to come.


Although Aphrodite Delights Ltd. produces a variety of traditional Cypriot confectionaries, it is mostly known for its “Loukoumia Yeroskipou” which has also recently become the first (and only to date) product in Cyprus to be awarded with the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). Aphrodite’s “Loukoumia Yeroskipou” are produced with only pure ingredients that do not rely on additives. The company exports its main product throughout the world and “Loukoumia” are available in more than 30 different combinations of flavours and packaging.



A Growing business on authentic Cypriot foods

Aphrodite Delights Ltd. will be expanding its business and production units from this year due to the completion of construction of the new factory being.  The new factory will enable the company to trade and export, besides loukoumia, many other traditional Cypriot foods that have been produced over the years in smaller volumes, through a program of R&D that aims to improve processing and packaging methods.


Nut Brittle (“Pastellaki”) A crispy combination of nuts and carob honey, which may be made with sesame, almonds or peanuts. Its delicious sweet taste and nutritional value make it a popular healthy snack.


Grape Rolls (“Soujoukos”) A traditional grape product made shortly after the harvest, long strings of threaded almonds are dipped repeatedly into a heated mixture of must, rose water and mastic so they are slowly coated. Once tasted, this unique chewy delicacy is seldom forgotten.


Paphian Chewing Gum (“Pissa Pafitiki”) It is harvested from the trunk of Pistacia terebinthus, the terebinth tree, and contains no sugar or other additives. It is the only gum in the world that derives 100% from a tree. This entirely natural product has been proven to be beneficial to the digestive system.


Sugared Almonds (“Koufettes Amygdalou”) Fresh, locally-grown almonds are roasted before they are slowly covered with a sugar syrup, resulting in a soft shell that simply melts in your mouth.


Almond Preserve (“Glyko Amygdalou”) A paste that is made with crushed almonds, rose water and mastic, resulting in a spoonful treat. A delicious sweet preserve that is unlike any other.





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Paphian Chewing Gum

Almond Preserve


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