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Ice Cream


Contact Details:

4 Kallistratou Street

Engomi Industrial†

Nicosia 1601

P.O.Box: 20108

Tel:† +357 22664198

Fax: +357 22665606

Contact: Mr Heraklis Vrontis, Manager



Company Profile

At Ledra street, in the heart of Nicosia stood in the 1930s a small kafeneio (coffee shop) run by Mr Heraclis Demetriou. Today at the very same place stands one of the most successful and best known gellaterias in Nicosia selling ice cream using those old recipes formulated by Mr. Heraclis. During his times, he was known as a person who cared for the people in need,†a characteristic that followed him in his dealings with customers at the coffee shop. In order to please them he begun serving ice cream that was initially purchased from a small ice cream maker. By 1943 Mr Heraclis managed to learn the basics for making ice cream and started experimenting at his little apartment (found next to the coffee shop), which was eventually turned into an ice cream workshop. Soon he found his ideal recipe, one that is not much different from the way today's†HERACLIS ice cream is made. His ice cream stand started gaining popularity and by the 1960s people were queuing up to taste HERACLIS ice cream. Since then, one of the company's†greatest values is the†dedication to perfection made possible by keeping the business within the close control of the family. Today's management of the business rests in the hands of late Mr.†Heraclis son-in law who along with his wife and three sons are determined to continue the inherited† ice cream recipes putting the same care and attention to the product and their customers as Mr Heraclis did.

HERACLIS†business manufactures its ice cream in a relatively small but well organized, HACCAP certified factory in Nicosia. Their products are sold in 5 litre containers or 1 litre family retail packs and besides their own retail outlets, their products are distributed to retail shops throughout Cyprus.

An ice cream tradition in the heart of Nicosia

Based on the old but for decades beloved recipe of Mr Heraclis, and perfected by his family successors, HERACLIS ice cream still carries with it the genuine attributes of old times. Quality rests with the use of natural and locally produced ingredients blended in a food safe environment giving a product rich in flavor but low in calories as proven by laboratory analyses.†HERACLIS gellateria in the heart of Nicosia is now an inseparable part of the capital's twentieth century history and its back garden is the perfect place for an ice cream break any time of the year.†The gellateria/ cafeteria is situated in Ledra street, the main shopping centre of the old (wihin the city walls) Nicosia†and is a selected visitor's resting point, day and night.



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