Sunday, 18 November 2018
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Promote your products with us

Our services are offered to all Cypriot food and drink companies,  irrespective of size with the objective of promoting their products in the international markets. Because we are focused on promoting food and drinks that are traditional to Cyprus and made from local agricultural raw materials, we primarily support producers and processors of authentic Cypriot products that may be characterised as belonging to the Mediterranean healthy diet.


Out target audiences are: 

  • the business people who deal with the distribution of food and drinks in world markets
  • the end consumer who seeks to have new tasting experiences of natural and unique Cypriot products
  • the tourist who wishes to be guided into our great gastronomic heritage

Our on line-exhibition centre offers a user-friendly environment, for any visitor to find, select and view the participant companies and their products.  Unlike any other conventional food exhibition, the On-Line Exhibition Hall offers a 24hr, 365-day presence in the web and potential customers from around the globe can reach any exhibitor easily. Promoting your products through our On-Line Exhibition Hall not only provides an efficient low cost tool for creating product awareness but also supports the effort for a generic approach towards the promotion of food and drinks from Cyprus. Profile templates for presenting your company on any of the categories displayed on the Exhibition Hall are prepared by the Administrators of the site and may be linked to your web site.


If your company does not maintain a web site, we undertake to create and host your profile and products on the On-Line Exhibition Hall and forward to your e-mail address any incoming business enquiry.


For the non-Cypriot food and drink manufacturers, we offer three broad categories of informative advertising opportunities through our website.



Banner Advertising:

Display of banner adverts with links to any other adress on the web including company URL or company profile placed in our On-Line Exhibition Hall.

» Advertising Packages 


On-Line hosting of profile and products:

Companies offering products and services to the food and drink industry are welcomed to present their company and products through the section 'Services', on the On-Line Exhibition Hall.





Newsletter publication:

Businesses and individual researchers can provide us with articles or press releases that will be placed in our Newsroom section in one of the listed categories. 


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