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Aromatic Herbs & Essential Oils


Contact Details:

14 Eleftheria Av.

Korakou, Nicosia 2836

Tel: +357 99644237 / 99250405

Fax: +357 22932184

Contact: Mr Fylaktis Lazarou, Manager



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Contact Name: Mr Filaktis Lazarou

Tel: 99250405

Languages Spoken: Greek, English

Opening - Winter (Oct-Mar)

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Company Profile

Mrs Yianoulla is a botanologist and she routinely gives TV presentations about herbs, essential oils and their great medicinal values. She started the herb farm about 15 years ago, close to her home village, Korakou and today she owns one of the biggest herb farms in Cyprus. Korakou is a fairly remote village about 4 kms off the main Nicosia-Troodos road, close to Evrichou. Today, she is helped in the business by her family with the business side of the operation, managed by her son, Mr Filaktis Lazarou.


In an area of 3 hectares Mrs Yianoulla cultivates a range of more than 50 medicinal herbs, transferred to the company's own small processing unit and made into herbal teas and essential oils. Its production will soon expand as a new, rented area will be planted so as to meet growing demand. She is regarded as one of the highly specialist herbs distillers although she insists on using traditionally simple distillation apparatus. A variety of herbal teas are packed in attractive, air tight packaging following traditional drying processes where herbs are left to dry naturally in shaded and well aerated rooms. Additionally, a broad range of organic essential oils are available in retail bottles. Specially blended essential oils, with olive oil as a base ingredient, are prepared for use as medicinal remedies and spa treatment oils. Among its essential oils product line, the company also distills herbs that are grown in the wild such as pine and cypress, harvested under permission from the local authorities.


Most of the company’s products are retailed through selected pharmacies in Cyprus. The many years of involvement in the herbs business and the fame that Mrs Yianoulla acquired through her TV presentations, has made her products highly appreciated by consumers. She proudly claims that no longer does she have to chase for customers, rather the customers look for her products.   


Following years of research, a new line of business has recently been launched involving the production of a range of herbal cosmetics and facial creams.



Healing powers of Cyprus herbs 

In a highly organised herb farm where all herbs are hand-picked under the experienced eyes of Mrs Yianoulla Lazarou, one can find the ultimate freshness, taste and aroma of the Cypriot herbal treasures. The place of the farm, its relatively small and manageable size and the dedicated care and attention given by Mrs Yianoulla and her family, are the key factors in achieving products of distinct quality, rich in their natural attributes. Over 70 loose leaf herbal teas are available to meet all consumer demands for taste and medicinal properties. Mrs Yianoulla would be happy to guide interested visitors in her herb farm and uncover the secrets of herbs and essential oil processing and their associated attributes. Mrs Yianoulla has furnished us with her advice on the healing properties of just a few medicinal herbs of Cyprus. 


Lemon Verbena – Lippia citriodora

Good for nausea, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss (one glass thirty minutes before lunch).  Excellent soothing and antipyretic qualities.


Basil – Ocinum basilicum

Good for stomach irritation, headache and insomnia. It is antipyretic, lactic and it helps improve weak memory.


Thyme – Thymus vulgaris

Natural antibiotic, suitable for infections of the respiratory as well as of the peptic system, bronchitis and asthma, strengthens the heart and nervous system. Due to its styptic action it is useful for the child diarrhea and night urination


Lavender – Lavendufa officinalis

A tonic for the nervous system, effective against depression and insomnia. It is a laxative and it helps in diarrhea and it has antiseptic, antiasthmatic properties. Its oil is very effective against headaches.


Melissa – Melissa officinalis

Lowers blood pressure (2-3 cups of tea daily), stimulant for body and mind, tonic for the heart, the brain and the peptic system, soothes spasms, helps in indigestion and migraines, prevents vomiting.


Peppermint – Mentha piperita

The strongest natural aphrodisiac herb.   It also helps in ulcerous colitis, stops indigestion and diarrhea, cold and sinusitis.   It helps in migraines related to digestion problems, tones the nervous system and relieves from stress, tension and hysteria.


Marjoram – Origanum Marforan

Antidiabetic, antiemetic, diuretic, digestive, it tones the appetite as well as the liver and bile function, reduces flatus, it is spamolytic and is used for colic pains.   It increases leucocytes in the blood and reinforces the natural reaction of the organism against infections.


Origano – Origanum vulgare or dubium

Can be used as a drink for cold, flu, cough and whooping cough.   It can be used as a mouthwash, as treatment for mouth and throat inflammation.   Also good for headaches and tension.


Siderites – Siderites perfoliato

Rich in iron, helps in cases of iron-deficiency anemia, recommended for flu, cold, cough, bronchial asthma and inflammations of the respiratory system.



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Food Sector: - Aromatic Herbs & Essential Oils





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