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About Us

Funded by the Cyprus Research Institute, the portal aims to support the Cypriot food and drink industries, focusing especially on the promotion of the traditional gastronomy and the historically important agricultural products that comprise the Cypriot version of a healthy Mediterranean diet. The portal is run in collaboration with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and managed by a Comittee of Directors. 


To a large extent, the support for the local food & drink industry stems from the market potential identified in the selected quality products, a few of which are unique to Cyprus, made from ingredients which are produced by local farmers under the island’s mild Mediterranean climate.  Our food and drinks selection focuses on products that share the common characteristics of Mediterranean products i.e. made by genuine, natural ingredients using simple and traditional processes in relatively small but carefully managed production units, offering a healthy alternative to the mass produced food creations of the giant multinationals.


Our On-Line Food & Wine Bridge aims to provide the gateway for Cypriot processors and manufacturers to promote their products in world markets. The decision to construct a bridge between Cyprus and the international food market stems from the necessity of the Cypriot industry as a whole to have in hand a promotional tool with broad market coverage at a cost that lies within the capabilities of the average business. The Cyprus food and drinks industry is a tiny player in the global food marketplace and as such suffers from the lack of adequate promotional funds in making its products known to consumers around the world. The task becomes even more difficult when it comes to authentic Cyprus foods. Creating product awareness requires a much greater effort as the product characteristics, the ingredients used and the method of production are completely unknown to the non-Cypriot consumer. is divided into five distinct areas, as described below:

  • The Food and Drinks Reviews introduce the various sectors that make up the Cypriot food & drinks industry, with references to historical information and an overall description of the products and the businesses involved 
  • The Authentic Foods area addresses in great detail the story, characteristics and nutritional value of selected local authentic foods, which are produced on a commercial scale and made available to retail shops
  • The On-Line Food Hall offers a round-the-clock presentation of the businesses that are active in selected Food and Drink Sectors
  • The Visitors' area is addressed to the individual traveller, either on tourism or on a business trip, who is interested in exploring and understanding the Cypriot food culture in true traditional settings that are otherwise not easy to find
  • The information center for the Cypriot exporter/ manufacturer who is a registered member of the portal

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry acting as the professional partner to the Cypriot food and drink manufacturers, supports their effort to promote their existing products and  develop new products  suitable to the international markets. The On-line Exhibition Center offers a cost effective tool that may be used by large, medium and small size food & drink manufacturers. Along with a brief but thoroughly presented sector reports coupled by the authentic products presentations, the goal of creating product awareness is achieved.


Creating product awareness is the key objective and is closely related with the task of re-enforcing the concept of the Cyprus food and drink culture. As a means of achieving this dual objective, we offer on-line services for promoting food related attractions such as selected genuinely  traditional restaurants, travel guides to wineries and other food related tourist attractions.


If you have a general comment, product or business enquiries feel free to drop us a line by clicking here

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