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Ice Cream


Contact Details:

2 Alkidamou Street,

Agios Athanasios Industrial Estate

Limassol 4101

Tel: +357 25722255

Fax: +357 25823623

Contact: Mr. Antonis Lambrou, Sales Manager



Company Profile

The company's story begun in 1973 when Zenon and Eleni Pyrga decided to set up a small workshop for making ice cream at their home backyard. Care and attention accompanied their effort to make their home made product known and demanded to the people of Limassol. In those early years production remained on a very small scale,†just enough to satisfy the needs of a retail stand operated by Mrs Eleni Pyrga. But the mouthful taste of her ice cream attracted customers in growing numbers, while at the same time small groceries and newsagents in Limassol suggested selling Pyrga ice cream from their own retail points. Success was round the corner and by 1987 the small workshop transformed into an ice cream industry operating from a compact but modern factory that continuously develops new products and unique flavors while insisting on using only natural ingredients from local farmers. Every year the company uses hundreds of tons of locally produced milk, eggs and fresh fruit offering an indirect support to the local agriculture and farming sectors. As part of the long standing dedication to quality and food safety, the new, second generation family management has adopted all HACCP certification procedures approved by TUV CERT and TUV HELLAS.

Despite expansion in the wholesale trade, the flagship of the Pyrga business remains their two family run gelatterias situated in the heart of Limassol.

Small but ready to grow!

As the saying goes, small is beautiful! Quality is of utmost importance for the PYRGA family, an inherited value that is to date carefully monitored by the second generation management and verified by appropriate quality Certification from TUV Hellas. Locally produced ingredients are paramount to the achievement of mouthful flavors that can satisfy the most demanding tastes and preferences. For an ice cream experience† the PYRGA way, try any the 40 flavors at their own managed gellaterias in Limassol.



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Food Sector: - Ice Cream




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