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Salt Products


Contact Details:

Larnaca Industrial Estate

P.O.Box 42586


Tel: +357 24533168

Fax: +357 24530528

Contact: Mr. George Iacovou, Export Manager



Company Profile

Theodorou’s family involvement in the processing of salt dates back since the early 1960s. At the time, Mr. Paraskevas Theodorou was in charge of storing the salt in Larnaka’s saltwork (for centuries salt was harvested from the main Larnaka salt lake), when in 1963 he decided to setup his own business of processing and selling salt.  Initially a small workshop was set up in the ‘Stoa of Agios Lazaros’ producing a ton of salt every eight hours.  In 1982, under the management of Paraskevas’ son, Mr. Michalakis Theodorou, the capacity expanded as production moved to a small plant built in the industrial area of Aradippou.  The workforce grew to four people and one ton of salt was produced every hour.  By 1986 the Cyprus government stopped the harvest of the Larnaka salt lake, and the company entered into the import of high quality raw material.  By 1993, Theodorou industry remained as the only salt factory still in production on the island, managing to expand its capacity to six tones per hour.  In 2001 a dedicated unit for salt flakes production was established, using Cyprus sea water, in response to international demand for the product.  In 2004, the company was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certifications for the production, packaging and distribution of its products.  It subsequently also received organic certification for its products.  Today the company employs a work force of 35 people and achieves a multi million euros turnover.


The company’s product range and markets are steadily expanding.  It supplies the Cyprus market with edible and commercial salts (eg salt for softening water or for animal feed), and is the single exporter of Cypriot salt products with its main markets being Scandinavian countries who procure salt for de-icing and fish processing.


Its specialized and unique salt flake business is what has turned the company as one of two world players in the sector, thereby signifying its innovative approach and its dedication to high product quality.  Theodorou Salt industry exports its products under its own brands (eg Sailor Sea salt Flakes), and carries also production for other companies as per agreed specifications.  The line of Sailor Sea salt Flakes includes Natural, Sea Weed, Mixed Spices, Smoked, Chili, Rosemary, Lemon and Black. Realising the increase in demand for natural products, a dedicated unit for salt flakes production was established in 2001, covering an area of 3000sq metres.



A traditional industry growing on innovation

Building on a long standing tradition of Cypriot high quality salt production, the Theodorou Salt Industry has developed its own history that now runs the third generation of dedicated innovative salt makers.  The company has specialized proprietary know-how in the production of salt flakes, and maintains excellent relations with suppliers of raw material and retailers around the world.  It looks to the future with optimism, ready to satisfy consumers’ developing needs and capable of offering new innovative and natural products, always of the highest quality.  Its non-stop innovative approach is currently working on the final stages of developing products for a new sector, that of bath salts. 



Salt Shakers

Salt in bags

Salt Flakes - Gourmet product

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