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Ice Cream


Contact Details:

Industrial Zone of Paliometocho

P.O.Box 25040,

1306 Nicosia

Tel: +357 22445566

Fax: +357 22835738

Contact: Mr Yiannos Christoforou, Marketing Manager


Company Profile

P&P Ltd is the leading manufacturer of ice cream in Cyprus, for decades a very well known and respected brand in Cyprus, Greece and the Middle East for its gourmet quality ice cream and its innovative range of flavor choices. The company was officially registered in 1973 but the two brothers in law, Panayiotis Christoforou and Panayiotis Papafilippou, begun making ice cream since the mid 60’s as part of their confectionery business. They followed a traditional recipe based on natural ingredients, fresh whole milk, fresh eggs and locally produced processed fruit. At the time, the ice cream produced was sold through selected stands and small shops positioned close to the island’s busy highways.


In 1999 the company finally moved to a new, technologically advanced factory of 6.500 sq.m. one that is rightly regarded as the most modern and technically advanced ice cream factory in Cyprus. Commitment to the highest standards of food safety has meant that production follows all HACCP safety requirements, the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and the directives set by the International Ice Cream Association of which P&P is an active member. During the last decade a team of second generation management has joined the business bringing along a pool of new ideas and adding valuable effort to the growth of the company. What remains intact as a well preserved value is the dedication to quality which starts from the procurement of selectively chosen raw materials directly from contract farmers as practiced by the original founders.


P&P Ltd offers a great selection of frozen deserts and flavors including milk and fruit based ice cream, fat free ice cream, frozen yogurt, ice cream novelties, sherbets and sorbets, ice cubes but their flagship rests on their super premium ice cream, Nostalgia®. The full product range is available from P&P own gellaterias situated in central locations in Nicosia.


Nostalgia® is an all natural gourmet ice cream, made from fresh whole milk, fresh cream, fresh eggs procured from selected farmers in Cyprus, blended with the finest quality natural flavorings imported from around the world, namely vanilla extract from Madagascar, Belgian milk chocolate, Jamaican rum and masticha extracts directly from the island of Chios. Nothing is added to the gourmet ice cream that can interfere with its natural purity and freshness - no preservatives, no colourings, no artificial ingredients, no GMO’s. Nostalgia’s pure ingredients make for a thick and creamy product with a slightly higher total fat content which is offset by the highly nutritious value of the product and the quality of the ingredients used.


P&P Ltd supplies to more than 1500 points of sale around Cyprus and is the island’s major exporter of ice cream. Its local and international presence in the market place has earned the company a number of highly accredited awards including the 1996 International Grand Prix to the Best quality in Madrid.


Cyprus’ all natural ice cream

After years of dedication in creating ice cream from selected fresh and natural ingredients, P&P has today branded its expertise in a super premium ice cream product. Nostalgia® is available in a tempting range of Mediterranean and International flavors in order to please the most demanding ice cream connoisseurs. Nostalgia® Gourmet ice cream and related products are available in stylish 850ml take home tubs, 110ml minicups and 5 liter tubs and the company welcomes export business development opportunities aiming at long term trading relationships.




Ice cream


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850ml tubs


Family pack 1L & 2L

Individual portion (Sticks and sandwich)

N-ice Ice cubes

Nostalgia Super Premium

Portions (cups)

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