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Contact Details:

4c, Asfalias Street P.O.Box 12070,

2340 Lakatamia, Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: +357 22357389

Fax: +357 22591510

Contact: Mr. Savvas Mouzakis, Director


Spoon Sweets


Green Life Organic Bigarade Sweet

Green Life Bigarade Sweet, made from bigarade peels, is a traditional homemade sweet that many generations have enjoyed in Cyprus. The bigarades, also known as bitter oranges, are cultivated exclusively in the lowlands of Cyprus to be used to produce confectionery.

Green Life Bigarade Sweet is best served as dessert or as a sweet between meals to visiting friends.


Green Life Organic Walnut Sweet

Green Life Walnut Sweet is a traditional homemade sweet produced from organic walnuts grown in the Troodos Mountain range in Cyprus. The walnuts are harvested by June, just before they form their shell and are afterwards boiled in syrup.

Green Life Walnut Sweet is prepared can be best enjoyed as a dessert or as a sweet between meals to visiting friends.



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Organic Vine Leaves

Spoon Sweets

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