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Processed Meat


Contact Details:

Spyrou Kyprianou 2,

C' Industrial Area, Ipsonas

4193 Lemesos

Tel: +357 25554000

Fax: +357 25723708

Contact: Mr. Pavlos Paradisiotis, Managing Director



Paradisiotis is one of the biggest companies in the sector of poultry and meat production in Cyprus. It offers big variety of tasty and qualitative products that satisfy the needs of modern consumer for facility in the cooking and healthy way of diet. The products we offer are fresh, processed, remade, marinated, and undulate; they go, in portions or in special packing.

  • We allocate modern privately-owned installations and line of production
  • Units of stock farming in Ora and in other regions
  • Unit of Mill in the Industrial region Aradippou
  • Unit of Slaughterhouse in Ora Larnaca
  • Unit of Transformation in 3rd Industrial region I raised in Lemesos
  • Shops of demonstration of products and retail sale in Lemesos 

The quality is completely ensured after we apply reliably the systems of guarantee of quality and hygiene.



Our Promise is to offer tasty.

This promise you materialize with the following ways:

  • With reliable application of systems of guarantee of quality and hygiene in the all stages from the production up to the sale.
  • With our modern installations
  • With the new technologies of production of products that we apply
  • With our researches for the satisfaction of needs of consumer
  • With the creation of new products with special characteristics, those are addressed in individuals with special alimentary needs.




The group of companies Paradeisiotis offers products to the consumer as:

  • Fresh and frozen chicken and items of chicken
  • Preparations of chicken or prepared products of chicken (eg role, sieftalia, meatballs)
  • Preparations pork and beef
  • Pre-cook products e.g. nuggets.

At the same time in the past few years the company extended itself in the marketing of products, as frozen vegetables, potatoes, Greek pies and eggs.

Also it tries it creates products that would be addressed in certain categories of persons, with special characteristics, as allergies, tall cholesterol and other.




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Food Sector: - Processed Meat



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