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Bakery Products


Contact Details:

78 Galatas Avenue

2827 Galata

Tel: 22922337

Fax: 22923515

Contact: Mr. Iacovos Kyrillou



50 years of labor making bread Based to the old watermill of Kyrillos at the most beautiful village of Troodos, Galata, which grinded for tens of years before the wheat of the region, and the love and faith for this work, in 1953 Anna the miller, that was married with Iacovos Kyrillos began with zeal the production of bread and other traditional bakery products, firstly for the needs of foreign people visiting the village and later for the needs of the permanent residents of the village and the region.


In 1964, with the installation of part of the Greek division in our region and because of the increased needs of the neighboring villages, Iacovos Kyrillos, with the enterprising activity that distinguished him decided to extend and upgrade the bakery in order to correspond to the demand. One decade later, with the integration of newer members of the family, during the difficult days after the war, in order to corresponds to the extraordinary requirements, the bakery worked day-night for a long time and needed to be moved in a more functional environment (main street of Troodos), in order to continue the production of the bakery products. The continuous modernization allowed the commercial extension in the markets of the cities of Cyprus and farther in the exports of products to the United States and elsewhere. At the same time, the variety of products was multiplied basically with the rusks and later with other types of pastry making.


According to the European prospect of our country, the Bakeries of Galata were upgraded in regard to the installations, the technological equipment, the guarantees of healthy conditions of production (system HACCP under completion) and distribution of the products. It was given priority to return in the traditional quality, with the use of selected wheatflour and barleyflour of total milling, that were produced again at the watermill of the family. The vision of the third generation of the family that now undertakes initiatives, is the permanent improvement of the products and the more complete service to the market.



Grandma's and Grandpa's Rusks

Aromatic Rusks

Glistarkes & Gkritsinakia

Salty Rusks and Gkritsinia

Ehole Meal Rusks

The Barley Rusk

Plain Toast


Crunch Time

Smyrneika Teacakes

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Food Sector: - Bakery Products


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