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Spoon Sweets & Fruit Preserves


Contact Details:

Doros Village,

Limassol-Platres Road,


P.O.Box 70107, 4161

Tel: +357 25432000

Fax: +357 25435152

E-Mail: katerinasweets@cytanet.com.cy

URL: www.katerinasweets.com

Company Profile:

This small rural industry, managed by Mrs Katerina Christoforou, carries one of the success stories in the traditional food products making. Katerina has inherited the art of spoon sweets making from her mother and grandmother and during the early stages of her career she proudly presented her sweets to the friends and relatives of the household as her own creation. Katerina gave away her jars of spoon sweets to friends -including her grocer- who was so impressed that he immediately placed an order! Small retail shops soon followed and then the large supermarket chains offered substantial shelf space for Katerina’s sweets. The business developed so well that by 1997, the brand Katerina became synonymous with the noble spoon sweets and was well known all across the island and in the expatriate markets of the UK.


By the year 2003, the family had decided that it was time to expand. They built a traditional-styled processing unit at the village of Doros which adheres to the HACCP and ISO 22000 standards. The company, starting from 2004, has a systematic preventive approach to food safety that addresses physical, chemical, and biological hazards as a means of prevention, based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), ensuring that its products are made with the old ways for a modern consumer. Thereafter, the company had been widely recognized as a successful traditional foods processor, and Mrs Katerina was rewarded for her dedication with a 1st prize by the Ministry of Agriculture.


Today Katerina makes more than 20 different types of spoon sweets, jams and other traditional foods. The range includes the traditional citrus range, a range of vegetables and fruit, walnut, rose pedals all made with locally procured ingredients. Furthermore, Katerina’s range is completed with a range of unique and unusual spoon sweets such as garlic, ginger, prickly pear and olive. A new family generation of management has recently entered the business, bringing in new ideas and keen to place Katerina’s Cyprus sweets in foreign markets.


Katerina’s traditional industry is open for visitors all year round, situated within easy access, on the main Limassol-Troodos road, close to the village of Doros.



Spoon Sweets


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