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Dairy Products


Contact Details:

10 Kariou Street,

Aradippou, Larnaca

Tel: +357 24533085

Fax: +357 24823307

Contact: Mr Prokopis Challoumas, Manager

E-Mail: info@challoumi.com

URL: www.challoumi.com

Company Profile

Cowboy Dairy Industry is a farm house cheese maker with a long inherited tradition on Cyprus cheese and†other milk based products. Great-grandmother Maritsou from Tremetousia village is remembered for her art in making halloumi cheese and other dairy products by herself.

While company owner, Mr Prokopis Challoumas is busy running the 3.000sqm sheep farm at Klavdia village, his wife is looking after the small milk processing operation at the village of Aradippou. Running both a farm and a processing unit is not an easy task but Mr Prokopis manages to ensure that every evening the milk production of the farm is poured into the intake†tank of the dairy unit, ready for processing the very next morning. The sheep farm supplies about 1/3 of the total milk requirements for processing, the rest been collected from a handful of nearby small farmers.†

The dairy unit was established in 1999 with the vision of continuing the family tradition in cheese making and delivering products that are made with care and attention†from raising and feeding the animals to†processing and delivering the final product to the retailer. The dairy industry is equipped with the necessary technology that characterizes a 'small is beautiful' unit and ensures quality and hygienic standards both with regard to the milk used and the processing facilities.† In every step of the dairy process, diligent inspections are made for the best observance of hygiene rules and regulations, as well as the HACCP standards for which the company has been granted a cerification. The company serves with its refrigerated†vehicles the Nicosia, Larnaka and Ammochostos districts including urban centers and small villages while it also maintains an export link especially with the UK market.

Farmhouse Traditional Products

Cowboy Farm Ltd produces and distributes a big variety of traditional Cypriot dairy products under the brand 'Challoumas': Halloumi, Yogurt, Flaouna Cheese (special confectionery cheese), Fresh Anari (soft white cheese), Dried Anari (hard cheese) and Trachanas. The products are renowned for their greta taste, a result of the quality milk used which combines with the experience and dedication of the family members who manage the dairy process.





Other Products

Dry Anari


Fresh Anari

Halloumi Cheese


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