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Contact Details:

34-38 Nikiforos Fokas Ave.,

P.O.Box 21778, Nicosia 1513

Tel: +357 22572020

Fax: +357 22610222

Contact: Mrs Marietta Mitsides. Marketing Manager - Mr Stelios Mitsides. Export Manager



Company Profile                                   

Mitsides Public Company Ltd (Cyprus Stock Exchange – MIT) was founded in 1932 by two brothers, Chrysostomos and Costas Mitsides, and for decades it operated from a small flour mill next to the Famagusta Gate in Old Nicosia (within the Venician Walls). Today the company is by far the largest producer of flour and pasta products in Cyprus commanding more than 50% of the local pasta and flour retail market. In addition to the manufacture of flour and pasta, Mitsides is active in grain trading, the sale of pasta sauces, processed tomato products and other foodstuffs, as well as the sale of raw materials for the bakery and confectionery industries. It possesses a strong distribution network on the island and is the major exporter of pasta and flour from Cyprus . Mitsides is active predominantly in Cyprus, where it operates two mixed flour mills (one in Nicosia and one in Larnaca), of a total daily grinding capacity of 230 tons, two fully modernized mixing plants for specialized flour products, four grain silos of a total capacity of 10.000 tons, and one pasta  factory. The pasta factory is the largest and most modern in Cyprus, with a total production capacity of 1.500 kilos per hour. The company employs about 160 people at its offices, factories, warehouses, and distribution centers throughout Cyprus. Its local client list comprises 1.750 institutions (public and private) and its distribution fleet includes around 75 vehicles and a well organized sales and distribution workforce.



The Market Leader                                    

Mitsides dominates the Cypriot market, both in pasta and in flour products. According to company estimates, the two flour mills owned and operated by the Company have enabled it to account (in 2006) for 48% of the market for grain milling products and by-products. Furthermore, in accordance with independent market research concluded in 2007, the company enjoyed the highest market share, both in the packaged quality flour market (61%) and in the pasta products market (51%).



Beyond the Cyprus market

Having secured its predominance in the Cypriot market, Mitsides has made a clear strategic decision to grow by expanding abroad. As a result of rapid and sustained expansion in recent years, the company now derives 14% of its total sales from exports. The largest segment of exports comprises contracted sales of flour to “Pizza Hut” restaurants in a growing number of Middle and Far Eastern countries. These sales to Pizza Hut have been made possible as a result of Mitsides' co-operation with Yum! Brands, Inc., which owns the worldwide franchise rights for Pizza Hut and KFC restaurants. Mitsides became an Approved International Supplier of Pizza Hut for Flour Products in 1998, following a 2-year period of thorough examination and approval of its quality, hygiene, and safety standards. The first Pizza Hut destinations for Mitsides products were the countries of the Middle East. The partnership with Pizza Hut in the Middle East earned the company a string of awards as “Pizza Hut Supplier of the Year” in 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2005. These distinctions helped Mitsides win business from Pizza Hut franchisees in South Asia and the Far East (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brunei and others).


The company has recently increased its exports of pasta products significantly. In addition to the Lebanese market (where the company’s presence has been long–established and successful), the company has entered the UK market through the Tesco supermarket chain and the Greek market through the Carrefour–Marinopoulos supermarket chain.



Mitsides in the Balkans   

In 2005, the company made a major foreign expansion move through the acquisition of a 45,57% share in a Serbian company, “Zitopromet Bratstvo A.D.”


Zitopromet was founded in 1991, and is listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange. It deals with the production of flour, pasta and bakery products, as well as the trading of grains and already owns 2 flour mills, a fresh pasta factory, a bakery plant and 7 bakery sales outlets in Sremska Mitrovica (near Belgrade). The company, which is now managed by Mitsides, has been renamed as “Mitsides Point A.D.” and has recently completed the construction of a new, modern dry pasta factory, of a total capacity of 2000kg per hour.






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