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CyTaste Route No. 3

Start at Limassol - Return to Limassol


ToMinKmDestinationContact Tel.Activity
1LimassolErimi59The Cyprus Wine Museum - the complete guide to a 5,500 year old wine history25873808Landmark

Our starting point is the A1, Limassol to Paphos motorway. Take the exit for Erimi and drive into the village, pass the last bend  to see on the left hand side an old restored inn. This has since 2000 been transformed into the Cyprus Wine Museum. Archaelogical evidence has confirmed the presence of wine in 5,500 year old flasks that were found here, at Erimi, making this as the oldest wine-making region of Europe. The Museum visits include a  general guide, a short audiovisual presentation followed by the tasting of Cypriot wine and Commandaria with bread and raisins.

2ErimiAyios Amvrosios1521Gaia Winery is the best known organic wine making business in Cyprus25943981Winery

Gaia Winery is among the first regional wineries to have been established during the 1980s and the leading winery in making organically certified wines. Owner, Mrs Ioanna Panayiotou, is a dedicated active supporter  of the ecological movement and is keen to introduce visitors into the merits of organic vine growing and wine making practises.

3Ayios AmvrosiosPachna1212More wine tasting at Yiaskouris Regional Winery99633730Winery

Drive to the picturesque village of Pachna, one of the largest in the cluster of the so called 'Wine Villages'. The place is renowned for its extensive vineyards planted with indigenous varieties and the excellent wine making capabilities of the local wine-makers, an example portrayed at Yiaskouris Winery.

4PachnaAnoyira1518The Carob Museum of Mavros Chrysos99565768Traditional Foods

Anoyira is the place of carob and pastelli. Carob is also known as the black gold (mavros chrysos) of Cyprus due to its historical importance in the economy of the island. The Museum is located in the heart of the village, in a restored old family house owned by two ladies, Yiota and Andri, who are devoted in preserving the art of making pastelli and carob syrup. We also suggest tasting their traditional and home made carob muffins and carob buiscuits.   

5AnoyiraAnoyira55Oleastro - The House of the Olive25222225Traditional Foods

From Mavros Chrysos follow the road signs that guide just 1 km out of the village, to reach The House of the Olive – ‘Oleastro’ consisting of an olive museum, an olive store specializing in olive products, a visitors’ center, a state-of-the-art ecological olive mill and catering facilities in an olive tree setting. Oleastro Park is a tribute to the wonderful tree that has healed and nourished Cypriots for thousands of years, and is both educational and recreational for all ages.

6AnoyiraAnoyira42Nicolaides Winery99649655Winery

Return to the village of Anoyira and taste the local wines of Domain Nicolaides Winery, made from varieties frown in hte winery's own vineyards. Be guided into the art of wine making and take the short tasting sessions offered on site.

7AnoyiraPlataniskia - Alektora1618The Ostrich Farm25711110Landmark

Though not a traditional food product, the ostrich farm and restaurant provide for another unique experience both in terms of seeing the ostrich animals and in tasting the ostrich meat gastronomy. Educational on-site tours at the farm grounds are available for organised groups. For the individual visitor, a video presentation is available at the Farm's restaurant.

7Plataniskia - AlektoraLimassol town1220Route EndsLandmark

Return by taking the A1 motorway at the Alektora exit with the direction heading for Limassol.



Erimi Ayios Amvrosios Pachna Anoyira
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Plataniskia - Alektora         
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